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This month in our makers series we want to introduce you to Nichole, owner of Tink LLC.  We have known Nichole and her work for years and knew her beautiful handcrafted jewelry would be the perfect fit for Agnes Belle.

Nichole told us it all started a few years ago as her and her husband were walking through a craft fair where she picked up a copper bracelet and her husband commented that she could do that.   “He got me started with my products and it took off from there.” Nichole says.  In 2018 Nichole left her job of 10 years to focus on her shop full time.

TInk LLC specializes in handcrafted jewelry including copper, brass, sterling, gold filled and gold metals.  Each of her products are created by hand in her studio.  Nichole says “We take pride in the fact that we don’t outsource any of our work”.   Recently, Nichole expanded their line and added bangles, and those have been a big hit.   Nichole shared with us that they create their own textures and styles and are continuing to expand them.  We always look forward to seeing the new creations from her shop.

Garnet Heart Pendant Sterling Silver Necklace

Hammered Brass Bangles

We asked Nichole about the road along the way and where she gets her inspiration.   Nichole says “There are times I get creator’s block, so I don’t add new designs for a bit. To overcome it, I take classes, experiment with different techniques, and incorporate color into my work, like in our cabochon necklaces”.   Her inspiration for some of her pieces are inspired by Louisiana themes, like their Fleur de Lis rings. Others just come to her, she says especially when she learns new techniques.

Nichole says if she could start over “I would have picked up jewelry making a long time ago. I would have focused on classes while in college, and I would have continued to build my talent over the years.”

Nichole’s workspace

Before letting Nichole go we asked her to share a little about how her work space has progressed since she started.  Nichole says “I started in a small corner of my kitchen, then I upgraded to a wall in our garage. Now, I have an entire room designated as my workspace. I have 5 countertops and an island, each designated for a different task. We have a soldering station, an engraving station, a polishing station, a lapidary station, and a packaging station.”

We love every creation from TInk LLC, their workmanship is beautiful and you can see the time that is put into each piece. What makes each piece more special is they are handmade so each piece is slightly different.

We hope you will stop in Agnes Belle and view the line of TInk LLC jewelry. If you don’t see a piece that fits your needs, let us know.

Sterling Silver Love and Heart Cuff Bracelet

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