Decorating with trays

Whether decorating the dining room table, an ottoman, bed or side table, trays are one of the most versatile tools in your home décor bag.

We love using trays of all shapes and sizes.  Small trays are important to fill those spaces on bookshelves or on a small ottoman to gather a few pops of color and a place to set the remote or your favorite coffee mug.

Trays help ground your grouping of pieces.  Whether you are putting together a centerpiece for your dining room table or a collection of serving places for your Sunday brunch.   Using trays with no sides or even a flat board will do the trick.

Use larger trays on ottomans and coffee tables and fill them by arranging pieces of varying heights and in threes or any other odd number depending on the size of your tray.  Don’t be afraid to lay in florals or greenery for interest and color.

Trays are also perfect for your guest space, in the bedroom you can fill it with a frame wi-fi password frame, notecards and envelopes, bottled water and even snacks.  In the bath, fill them with bathroom essentials such as handmade soaps and lotions.

Pull out that tray you weren’t sure what to do with, it’s time to love your trays. We are here to answer any questions or help you with your tray setting.


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